Increase Community Decision-Making Power

Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPA)

Infinite is a long-time member of the Ward 3 NPA Steering Committee. “Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPAs) are grassroots, neighborhood organizations that were established by City Council resolution in each of Burlington’s eight Wards to encourage resident participation in City government.” Infinite’s administration will revitalize the relationship between the Mayor’s office and the needs and desires articulated by NPAs, including but not limited to allocation of city resources.


Neighborhood-Based Budgeting and Benefit Agreements

As Mayor, Infinite will create a neighborhood-based, participatory budgeting process to serve as a laboratory for Community Needs Assessments and developing priorities for allocation of municipal resources.

Infinite will work with local community groups to create Community Benefit Agreements before brick and mortar projects are developed. Such agreements, which are used in some major U.S. cities such as Detroit, Michigan, will act as a means of:

  • holding public officials and developers receiving public funds accountable to Burlington residents
  • supporting programs that serve youth, the homeless population, people seeking substance abuse treatment and those in need of true, actually-affordable housing.


Memorial Auditorium

Memorial Auditorium needs to remain in the hands of the City of Burlington. The city’s budget should reflect an investment to do so. Infinite will encourage proposals for re-developing this vital community resource and recommend that the proposals move through City Council committees.


City Hall Park

The direction of City Hall Park is currently being influenced by the for-profit business community and not the residents who take rest and refuge there. As mayor, Infinite will conduct a Community Needs Assessment to survey the needs of folks who use City Hall Park recreationally; to sell art and local food; as well as the people who rely on the park as a place to rest and sleep.  The fact that there is a discussion taking place about privatizing any part of City Hall Park is discouraging. Common space should be for common people.


The Champlain Parkway

Every day we continue to learn more about the history of, and potential opportunities for, the Champlain Parkway. Infinite’s administration will ensure that the design and implementation of future projects will revolve around thorough public participation process. This process will define stakeholder as any person or group that is affected by constructing the parkway, including those not aware that they are affected. As Mayor, Infinite will advocate for a plan that sustains existing neighborhood connections, especially the connection of Pine Street to Queen City Park Road.