We are committed to ensuring that our campaign reflects our values.  We are excited to build a campaign that is fueled by deep, unwavering love for our community and trusting relationships. We see our campaign as an opportunity to build skills, engage with folks who have community organizing experience and bring in folks who are new to grassroots electoral organizing. 


In terms of avenues for involvement, community door knocking and public canvassing are our highest priority. We will be connecting with residents of Burlington to learn about their visions of transformation and to ensure they have the information they need to be able to vote. After a short training folks will be a part of our decentralized field team and will be set up to knock on doors anywhere, anytime, by using our door knocking app. This user-friendly application is designed to improve upon existing canvassing tools and will be accessible with a smartphone. We will have paper forms available as well to support folks without a smartphone.  


phone banking.jpg

Phone banking will involve connecting with potential volunteers as well as potential voters. There will be a variety of calls that we will need to make to ensure that information is flowing throughout our campaign and the community at large.


event coordination.jpg

We will be hosting, participating in and attending a variety of events throughout the next two months. We are looking for folks to get involved with events either with logistics (setting up, breaking down, etc.) as well as planning our own events. This is a wonderful way for the community at large to demonstrate our creative energy!



As we get closer to Election Day, we will have a few events that will demonstrate our excitement and sense of community that exists around our campaign! We will do honk and waves which are group meet-ups around the city with signs, and Infinite's supporters will stand at busy street corners and wave to people passing by. We will also be needing the support of drivers to help install lawn signs, folks to coordinate art nights and flyering. 



GOTV stands for Get Out The Vote and will be taking place from Thursday March 1st through election day on March 6th. We will need support with drivers to the polls, poll location visibility coordinators as well as some potential child care support. 


community convi.jpg

We want to create as many opportunities as possible for Infinite to connect with community members. We are looking for folks who are willing to host house parties where they can invite folks from their networks to meet Infinite and contribute financially to our campaign.