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Music for Infinite @ Arts Riot

7p: doors

730p: start


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Musicians include:

Madaila (Burlington, Vermont)
Psych pop juggernaut Madaila is upbeat, synth­-heavy, and catchy. Vocal skill and range are immediately apparent. But in the tradition of Prince and more recently Frank Ocean, an ornateness and heaviness expose Madaila's complexity and depth. Tight arrangements and multi-­instrumental performances showcase musical minds at work. 
When Madaila is on stage, spontaneous expression and contagious melody coexist. The freakier elements of the band come to the surface as the five-­piece explores the deeper possibilities lying within their concise-recorded material. The band’s improvisational power gives each song the capacity to have its form pushed to the edges of comfort, or uplifting peaks. 

Julia Caesar (Burlington, Vermont)
Growing from radical roots, Julia Caesar weaves swelling harmonies through wandering melodies, heavy abstraction and explosive optimism, stirring up what might be trying to hide. Both haunting and deeply familiar, their music cuts deep, and lingers.

Sabouyouma (Burlington, Vermont)
Sabouyouma (Pronounced sah-boo-yoo-MAH), is led by Ousmane Camara, a master Balafonist from Guinea, West Africa. Based in Burlington, Vermont, they combine traditional West African dance music with contemporary funk and reggae.

Melo Grant (Burlington, Vermont)
A generation or two of local rap fans, and local rappers, were raised on Grant's weekly sonic postcards from the cutting edge. In relatively isolated Vermont, her show served as a lifeline to the sounds of the outside (read: urban) world. With the advent of streaming services, one could argue that this lifeline is less vital. But one could also argue this: Faced with an overwhelming quantity of music, listeners need sage tastemakers more than ever.

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