Build a Local and Regional Economy that Prioritizes Social and Environmental Needs


Livable wage

As Mayor, Infinite will vigorously enforce the City’s Livable Wage ordinance. Infinite will recommend measures to eliminate any exemptions to this law on City-owned and City-maintained properties such as the Airport and Church Street Marketplace. He will also recommend measures to expand the ordinance’s scope to include all of Burlington.

Infinite will direct the Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO) to update and routinely publish a “Jobs & People” report with research and analysis of overall city and county employment trends. Infinite will work with the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO) and other community partners to provide region-wide technical assistance to low and moderate income residents looking to start a business.


Burlington Telecom

An Open and accessible Internet will be key to economic and social justice in the 21st century. With net neutrality under threat, Burlington Telecom (BT) should be under public or cooperative ownership. Infinite’s administration will look at all options in exploring legal recourse for the way the current BT deal was handled and will commission an exploratory committee to investigate the revitalization of this community asset.


The F-35s

Infinite has signed the petition to ban the F-35 from being located in our community. This issue is closely related to our regional economy and standard of living. As it relates to militarization, the F-35 has serious ramifications for the long-term vision of Burlington and our surrounding communities. As Mayor, Infinite will revisit the lease agreement between the City of Burlington and the Air National Guard to re-examine the costs and benefits of that contract.


The Moran Plant

In 2008, Infinite served as a member of the Moran Advisory Group (MAG), a multi-stakeholder group of residents that assessed the feasibility of re-developing the Moran Plant under the Brownfields Economic Development Initiative. As a continuation of this public process, Infinite will prioritize the Moran Plant as an economic and community development initiative with the primary objectives being re-development of the blighted and contaminated site into a new publicly accessible and commercial space; stimulating gross receipts taxes and parking fees to the city; and creating construction and permanent jobs.


The Mall

There are many lessons to be learned about the Mall re-zoning process in Burlington. As it continues to be embroiled in legal challenges, it will be a priority for Infinite to ensure there is transparency at every level of municipal government. As Mayor, Infinite will commission an independent investigation of the process surrounding the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) denial for the release of the economic feasibility study prior to the approval of the zoning and tax increment financing.