Message from Infinite: We're Stronger Than Ever / by Infinite For Mayor

Dear Burlington:
After forcing myself to read the “Two Against One” article, I have worked hard to dispel the narrative that was already contrived before a Seven Days reporter met with me, one that my interview was only sought to validate—a head-to-head contest between the political establishment candidates Carina and Miro.
I was a little heartbroken to finally come to the realization that concerted efforts to marginalize our campaign were actually coming from the so-called “left” and progressive rumor mills, especially when we are being marginalized based on such superficial grounds as how we look and our lack of campaign resources.
This practice of white normative politics in Burlington and Vermont, which cannot respect the voices of a campaign with heart, soul, and a distinctly different vision, is not that different from the downtown mural display. It’s merely a façade, milking the benefits of a system that constantly reinforces structures and systems of control that perpetuate the concept of “electable” candidates.
I have participated in countless protest campaigns that were mostly “anti” focused, with the absence of clear alternatives—this is different. Efforts focused simply on “beating Miro” would minimize our transformative vision, which is articulated in our platform in greater detail than our opposition. Regardless of the positions being taken by R.A.D., the Progressive Party, and others, the stakes in this election are actually greater than simply replacing the Miro administration.
After 45 years of existing on the margins of American society, being coerced to drop out of a campaign for public office has been one of the most anti-democratic adventures I have ever experienced. Since politics is not a career goal of mine, but a means for survival, I have no choice but to resist.
So in striving to deliver a clear message to voters and avoid political gossip, everyone should know that there has been absolutely no coordination between the Infinite for Mayor campaign and the Carina for Mayor campaign. We should all be prepared for a little discomfort and not act in fear of a potential Miro victory, but rather in hope of transformative democracy in Burlington.
The Infinite for Mayor campaign is all-in until March 6th and beyond. The best possible outcome from the perspective of our campaign would be for as many informed voters to turn out as possible.
How we win is just as important as winning—respect the journey. I hope to see you at the polls.
In solidarity,

Infinite Culcleasure