“Another Burlington is Possible” - Message to BTV Progs

Dear progressives,

Burlington is a city that shows up–for livable wage, for our immigrant and refugee communities, to challenge corporate development projects, to walk the picket lines with our union brothers and sisters, and to defend our public utilities against privatization. We are a city where the people mobilize for justice and equity. We deserve public servants who show up with the same tenacity and conviction for justice and equity with which we do.

Government, including local government, is not working for the people. The obstacles impeding justice for all are greater than ever before–even in “progressive” Burlington. The current state of bureaucracy is a manifestation of what happens when bigotry and racism go unchecked and unchallenged; when politics and politicians work for their own interests and the interests of corporations; when progressive speak is not met with progressive action; when the people are silenced in the name of an outdated political process and democracy becomes nothing more than a meaningless slogan.

Now, more than ever, we need to be courageous to organize for justice, to draw hard lines in the sand, to protect those in our communities who are the targets of hate and bigotry. We need hope–the kind of hope which only grows through intersectional collective actions and movements to build the kind of world our children most need.

A world where the human right to clean water, housing, and education are not simply discussed but are implemented. A world free of state-sanctioned violence. A world where all people, regardless of class, creed, race, gender, or religion, are able to live healthy and free without the fear of threat or discrimination.

If we are to thrive beyond the next four years of the current federal administration, Burlington needs to invest in and protect the residents who make the Queen City home. We must develop a participatory government structure where the people–not corporations, politicians, or developers–determine what growth and innovation looks like for our city.

We need public servants who are led by and accountable to the grassroots; who are responsive and humble; who are unafraid to listen and act; who unapologetically take on historical and present day injustices; who embrace the requests, critiques and criticisms of all communities as an opportunity to be better.

Burlington’s working families have a historic opportunity to elect, as our city’s leader, one of our own. A longtime resident of the Queen City with an authentic working-class background, Infinite has been actively involved in community and social justice organizing for over a decade. He brings genuine understanding of the challenges that Burlington’s working people face every day into his campaign and shares our struggle for collective liberation. From walking the picket line with striking bus drivers, sitting in to block UVM trustees, organizing to keep VNA’s children’s room, helping feed May Day rally-goers and marching side by side migrant farm workers while tirelessly organizing at Neighborhood Planning Assemblies, Infinite is a leader who shows up.

A leader who backs his convictions with actions, Infinite’s campaign is in turn backed by a growing group of passionate organizers committed to engage in transformational hyper-local grassroots-led campaigns which 1) restore public trust in the democratic process, 2) encourage individual and community self-determination, and 3) transform the government and political process in Vermont’s largest city into an accountable, transparent, equitable, and accessible process. Our campaign will center the brilliance and concerns of our community’s most impacted and most vulnerable in our solution-building. It is our belief the whole of society will be healthier when we effectively listen to the grassroots, pull from the margins, and lift from the bottom.

Another Burlington is possible. A People’s City Hall is necessary. A new movement to make it happen needs you.